I am being slaughtered with spam comments. anyone know a fix? PS--- nevermind. found security settings hahahaha.... take that you evil spammers!!! and happy Friday to everyone else!!
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Writing? What's that?

I swear since my husband's surgery, writing has become a far away dream. I have had good intentions but there is just no time. I have to make sure he takes his meds, take him out of the house to get away from it for a while, make sure he follows his diet, cook or go acquire food, and in there sometime work a job and get some sleep. My life is all about his for now it seems.

On another note, totally unrelated...I am really praying for those affected by Sandy. My sister and a couple of nieces and their families are in the path.
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sent off AH to another market after getting nothing from the last one... found out through some searching that it wasn't a recommended market due to slow response. Well, duh.

Got in another 700 words on the fantasy, hope to do at least another five today. A 1250 weekend would be stellar.
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What a week!

so... Monday we went to the vascular dr. because hubby has blockage somewhere between calf and hip. We paid our $45.00 for the specialist, went in, sat down, and waited. When the dr. came in he kneaded the hubby's hip and groin area (no, not sexual! stop that!) and declared the blockage was somewhere in there and he needed to quit smoking, change his diet, and exercise. That was it. Until hubby told the idiot HEY I HURT LIKE HELL AND I AM NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!!!! So the dr. referred him to another vascular dr. to do a stent.

Thing one: this man was a vascular SURGEON certified in all types of vascular stuff
Thing two: why couldn't he do this stent that the other man is going to do?

Well, today we have to go to the referred vascular dr and get an evaluation. Wait...wasn't that was the kneading was all about?

I am totally smelling a rat.

Friday oh yes Friday

Is anyone surprised that this short week took two years to finish???? I mean come on! It started on Tuesday and Friday is JUST NOW HERE? What's up with that??

At any rate, I am very happy it has arrived at last. I got a FB message from an old writer buddy and was invited back to my old critique group and woo hoo was I ever happy. So many have left it, but there are newbies so that will be great. I feel like such an old fart now that I have been published so many times and over so many years. I remember when writing the great novel was a very new and exciting thing. Maybe being back among these friends will renew that feeling.

It will be quite a simple weekend, this time. I am not planning much more than writing, reading, and making Christmas presents. yes, you heard me. I am MAKING them and I am doing it now. NOW damn it. I am not waiting for the hubbub of the holidays and get wrenched around like last year.

So! there you have it. My newest and best update :)
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great scott!

has it really been almost a year since i posted in here? wow...

Well, Crooked Angel is out! but Loran Rudder is still being looked over... but I have a short story in the clutches of a pro market... but I am not writing anything new...but I am crocheting like a madwoman...but I am a total utter failure at marketing past work...

Are you seeing the pattern here?

I did get a a temp. It isn't too bad really. I have been at the same place since last december. Maybe they will hire me permanent one day. If not, no biggie, as i have been with the temporary service long enough to get benefits from them!
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Okay so after finding out that there are still live bodies at Live journal who are still reading posts and posting posts, I think I will be in here a little more often. I need a REAL journal damnit! This posting happy bright giddily-colored posts everywhere for the sake of my reading public, or my photography clientele is killing me. I need dark people, dark and dreary, and woebegone. At least I do right now.

I am still looking for a job in this God-forsaken economy. It is not fun, let me tell you. If you even so much as conceive the idea to quit your job, DON'T! The grass is NOT greener. I have about two more months before I will be in dire straits with house payments, and credit card people.

I have tried the garage sale thing, to no avail. i swear people do not want to buy anything! they want it for FREE. F-R-E-A-K-I-N-G Free! I couldn't give stuff away. Maybe it's just my sucky life right now. I never said I was a salesman.

The only bright spots at the moment are, Crooked Angel is slated for publication in like May of next year. And my editor is working on my edits for the next YA fantasy, Loran Rudder and the Secret Key, as I type. Woo hoo. Go me.

So post up in here and tell me your tales of woe. I need to take my eyes off myself for a little while.
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um yeah... that's me

... so where have I been for these last couple months?...

1. not writing
2. working my hum hum off
3. struggling with working at a place that didn't understand me
4. most recently, giving notice to the place that employed me but didn't understand me
5. finding a new job

Yanno, giving fifteen long years to a place and then leaving it is reallly a tough call. Thank God that He in his infinite wisdom knew to send me some place else.

I am now gainfully Re-employed with a great new place, with awesome computer loving people and tada! WORKING FROM HOME!

yayy me.